Specializing in Supervisory Committee Audits
Specializing in Supervisory Committee AuditsSpecialized Risk Advisory Services for Credit Unions

Specialized In Other
Committee Audits
Risk Advisory Services
for Credit Unions

Specialized Risk Advisory Services for Credit Unions

Building Strong
Internal Controls and
Long Lasting
Client Relationships

Specialized Risk Advisory Services for Credit Unions

We're Experts at
Recognizing the Issues
facing Credit Unions
and Provide Guidance
and Solutions.

Client Focused Credit Union Services
Client Focused Credit Union ServicesSpecialized Risk Advisory Services for Credit Unions

Providing Expert Audit,
Risk Advisory, and
Consulting Services

Specialized Risk Advisory Services for Credit Unions

Over 28 Years of
Serving Credit Unions
across the Country

Specialized In Other Supervisory Committee Audits & Risk Advisory Services
for Credit Unions

We are your partner in building strong internal controls and long-lasting client relationships

Credit unions are at the heart of today’s financial services world. Built on a relationship-driven mentality, each is run by a board of directors elected by its members. With that comes responsible banking, from higher savings rates and better borrowing options to lower fees on banking products and services. It is a members-helping-members way of banking. But like any financial institution, credit unions are federally regulated and must maintain strong internal controls and sound risk management strategies. Staying compliant while servicing members’ needs can be a burdensome task.

Harold Antao & Company LLC in Allen, Texas is your partner in the area of compliance. We offer annual Other Supervisory Committee Audits, internal audits, BSA/CIP/OFAC Reviews and comprehensive risk advisory services tailored specifically to your credit union. After more than 28 years working in the industry, we know what makes credit unions distinctive and we have expert knowledge of the various issues facing them in the areas of accounting, lending, operational efficiency, risk management, and more. Our goal is to provide expert audit, risk advisory, and consulting services year-round while minimizing disruptions to staff and member relationships.

Other Supervisory Committee Audits

Supervisory Committee Guide Audits and Internal Audit

All areas of a credit union’s operations are subject to federal and/or state regulations. Noncompliance puts your members and your credit union at risk for violations and fines, not to mention a breach of trust between members and the board of directors. It is an independent auditor’s job to conduct an in-depth review of all internal controls and processes to identify areas of concern, then provide meaningful solutions and innovative and insightful feedback.


Consulting Services

Credit Union Risk Management
Efficient and effective solutions foster a professional and smooth-running credit union for members and staff. We go beyond the one-time or regularly-scheduled audits and risk management strategies by consulting with our credit union clients on their concerns/issues throughout the year – not just at review time. Are you concerned about how a transaction was processed, or a recent change in regulation and how that will impact your credit union or members? Call us.


Client Focus

Experience To Enhance Internal Controls

We are committed to ensuring your credit union is compliant. But more importantly, we are focused on nurturing long-term client relationships and putting your needs above everything else. While many of our services can be done remotely, we are agile enough to provide hands-on and on-site reviews.

We will treat your staff with respect and do our best to blend into the environment of your office.


Why Work With Us?

Industry-Specific Expertise

Industry Expertise for Credit Union ConsultingCredit unions are our specialty. Choosing an audit partner with more than 28 years of serving credit unions across the country can contribute to the overall success of the credit union and its members.

Comprehensive & Compassionate

We understand that not every staff member has the experience necessary to handle every unique financial situation that arises. Our list of audit and risk management services run the gamut, and we are here to serve you.

Focused Attention

We focus on keeping your credit union compliant so that you can focus on your members.